Mood Boosters this Winter – Adjust your diet

November 9, 2010 11:33 am Published by

OK so Autumn is pretty, Winter is looming, and yes its getting chilly, windy, rainy for all of us (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!!)

So here are some ‘Healthy Treats tips which I’m going to try out and stick to to help me fight the winter blues!!

Adjust your diet

  • Cut down on acidic and refined foods like chocolate, red wine, red meat, heavy breads/white flour products, sugar/sweets, white rice/pasta – these will make you more likely to feel sluggish, angry and depressed! They are of course all our favourites but perhaps trying to limit the amount you intake and spread out consumption will help you to feel balanced.
  • Eat more alkaline, green foods like spinach, sprouts (ya either love em’ or ya hate em’) carrots, bananas, almonds, lentils and oats – these will neutralises the acid in your stomach and help lift your mood and complexion
  • Cut down on dairy products – yogurt can still be a great snack especially with the probiotic acidophilus to help digestion
  • Cut down on fruit juices – these are high in acid and are not always that great for you, They can also increase mucus production, which leaves you feeling heavy
  • Eat slowly, especially as winter foods tend to be richer and heavier than summer salads
  • Strong flavours such as ginger, horseradish, wasabi, chili, garlic can have great medicinal qualities and can stimulate the lungs and intestines
  • Drink plenty of water – always a given and great for crimbo party hangovers!!

More to come…

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