Me and my friends

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I have been thinking recently about the importance that friends and family play in our lives!! Now the world is a smaller place, in terms of travel and the opportunities we have to explore other countries and meet incredible people from near and far, means that nearly all of us have people we miss daily!! Once someone special comes into your life, whenever and wherever that may be, they touch your heart and you know that a friendship has started. True friends are a joy to have in your life, but like anything require love and attention!!

I’m missing my special people right now that live back home in England and I know we always have memories but sometimes you just need a hug, a coffee, a chat or just to see the smile on that other persons face! My mum has just completely shocked me and booked a flight over to see me in Australia and it will be nearly 10 months since we last saw each other! I just cant wait and it has just re-affirmed to me how sometimes our important people just know when we need them and we all have the potential to surprise people and make them SMILE!! We are all so lucky now, we have so many which ways to keep special people in our lives, whether that be Skype, Text Message, Email, Facebook, Blogging, Phone Call, Tweeting, Letter (one of my old time faves)……so all in all there really is never any excuse to every so often tell someone special just how much they mean to you, that you are there for them and thinking of them, even if you cant see them….!

Yoga is a way of living, not just a physical or spiritual¬†practice, send some of that wonderful energy, love, light and life that shines from within us out into the world to you and your friends…..

This is for one of my specials…… (I hope it makes her smile!)

Me & my llama

Me & my llama


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