Darwin and Revision…

March 29, 2011 12:14 pm Published by

So I have 12 days till I head to Byron Bay for my YTT course, its all been a bit mental since I landed in Darwin. Here’s me thinking I would have heaps of time to chill out and be ‘at one’ with my blog , yoga, getting to know everyone and I pretty much have not had a day to do that. Adapting to a new place, life, climate and routine is something that can only but challenge all of us and it inst just London’ites that get caught up in a modern whirlwind of life…

I’m slowly getting to know Darwin (Australia) and its fitness/yoga scene and it seems there are some good opportunities to get into a nice routine of varied yoga practise and fitness classes. I have sussed out one of the local gyms, Time Out, with a months membership till I leave for Byron and although its not quite a Fitness First, the classes on offer, Les Mills meet the standards and have hopefully helped keep the ‘Parap Food Markets, Laksa Soup’ bloat at bay. (Seriously Darwin has great food!!!)

So I’m currently doing some shifts in a shop till I leave, good for some money and so its seems yoga revision!!! I’m writing notes and re-writing notes, its like school again….. but i’m eager to just get started now! Fully immersed in reading my required texts, Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar and The Key Muscles of Yoga, Ray Long, a really great visual book on the body and yoga.

Got a few yoga options in and around Darwin to explore when I get back and of course hopefully my own personal practise and public classes going, it’s exciting and incredibly over-whelming all at the same time.

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