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One of my lovely students at my class in Collliers Wood recently spoke to me about the problem of Tinnitus, so I wanted to go away and do a little research into the condition and if there were any specific yoga poses that could help alleviate the problem. My dad actually suffers with it, so I should be getting him into this.

Tinnitus is quite a common condition. It can involve a constant ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears, leading to terrible headaches, insomnia, depression and fatigue. It can also be a symptom of other prevailing health conditions.

  • Stress
  • Stiff neck and jaws
  • Jaw joint disorders
  • Poor blood circulation to the brain
  • Ear wax accumulation
  • High blood cholesterol levels
  • Cardiac ailments
  • Allergies
  • Ear infection

While there is no permanent cure for this irritating symptom, studies suggest that yoga can ease the condition. Yoga eases stress, improves the circulation of blood, boosts your immunity and eases the stiffness and inflammation affecting joints. This, in turn can lower the strain caused by tinnitus.

Blocked chakras (the body’s energy centres) are one of the prime reasons behind Tinnitus. Clearing and awakening the chakras with the help of yoga can offer amazing relief from this condition.

Helpful Yoga Poses for Tinnitus

Karna Pidasana – Ear Pressure Pose: The best pose for this condition. The knees placed near the ears, as if you we’re going to do a backwards rollie polie. This improves circulation levels, while muffling ears and applying slight pressure to the area easing assorted hearing issues.

Matsyasana – Fish Pose: This yoga asana is ideal for various ENT (ear, nose, throat) conditions, including tonsillitis and tinnitus, as it opens up the clogged throat and eases the ringing sensation. It also improves the circulation of blood in the body.

Inversions (upside down poses) are great for increasing your blood flow circulation and are the best poses, for increasing pressure in the head, thus clearing it once you move out of these. Working to flush the system of blockages. Downward Dog and Forward bend (Uttanasana).

Working to release and relax the muscles around the ears, so the neck, jaw, throat and shoulders. Some simple seated stretches will work best.

Kapalabhati Pranayama – Skull Shining Breathing Technique: A rapid, forceful exhalation followed by mild inhalations. It is the ideal way to cleanse your body and pep up your immunity levels. You will also feel recharged and relaxed and it will relieve pressure around the head and sinus system.

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