Why Yoga??

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So in my normal life, when i’m not yoga’in, (infact that should be the other way round, yoga has now totally become my normal everyday life!!) I work at a gym in Darwin and spend a bit of time talking to the members/gym junkies and watching them pour in through the doors for Pump, Step, Spin, Boxercise and occasionally i’m asked about the yoga classes.I find myself trying to explain why I believe its one of the most wonderful practices you can get into regardless of your age, flexibility, fitness, size etc. and what the true benefits really are, basically……why yoga?

So I thought I would just jot down a few reasons behind why taking just a few moments out of your usual fitness routine to find a yoga mat and a class to attend is really worth missing just that one Aerobics/Step/RPM/Combat class for, just maybe!!

Yoga can be used as a gentle or demanding fitness programme, as a form of therapy or treatment, as part of a ethical lifestyle, as a well-being or spiritual experience, or simply as a source of pleasure and time for a little ‘me time’

The most important thing to remember is yoga is for anyone of any age, can be practised at anytime and any where and as there are so many variations of yoga now available to us, surely a style that suits and warms to everyone!

Here are just a few little reasons….

  • improves stamina, strength and flexibility
  • increases vitality and energy
  • reduces tension and pain
  • leads to an improved awareness of your body
  • delays the aging process (hooray)
  • alleviates the strain of the natural results of old age
  • leads to inner peace and harmony
  • helps build up resistance to stress
  • improves quality of life and mental well-being
  • develops persistance and concentration
  • improves the ability to focus and provides mental clarity
  • harmonizes the body and spirit
  • opens up new perspectives and approaches to life
  • helps to identify and overcome unwanted cravings and habits
  • boosts self-confidence, self- belief and self-awareness
So why not is the question?



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This post was written by Laura Avery