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A pictire of the coast of Morcocco

Tagazoute, Morocco 2010 (Yoga platform to the left)

So the idea for this website came about after a yoga class or 2 and propably a glass or 2 and I thought hey at the grand old age of 27 its time to find something again that I love and hopefully am not too bad at all rolled into 1 (and preferably away from a work day at a desk)!! It may have also been influenced by a wonderful couple of yoga classes with a gorgeous American yogi, Wendy in a gorgeous Moroccan town at sunset overlooking the ocean too!!

So the research task began, praise the lord for the internet, although I had a bad case of information overload, there is so much out there! I didnt want to go straight to my yoga teachers to discuss the process of becoming a yoga teacher before I had done a little (or a lot as it happened) of background reading myself around the idea!!

Hopefully this website will be about that journey but others are bound to crop up along the way and i’m making no promises, well out loud anyway, but without wanting to sound too incredibly corny, if you have a dream and all that…so this may end up being a bit of a blog, a ‘get it off ya chest’ moan page, a dear diary, a photo album, a font of information on all things yoga and maybe one day, hopefully not too far away a website to advertise my yoga classes!!

Yoga is ongoing  journey of enlightenment and learning, so this will be about just that!



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