Detox gonna leave me rattling!!

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With a little bit of dread but a whole lot of ‘thank goodness’, the routine of work, gym, yoga, healthy eating and detoxing has begun!! I’m assured that we are getting those couple of extra minutes a day of daylight, just not a whole lot of evidence this morning!!

So I have started as I mean to go on and as I’m counting down till Feb 16th anyway, Bali looms, it seemed a perfect time as any to set myself some short term as well as long term goals. Look if I put them on here then I have to do them right??

So drinking is out for the month of January, when I think it will be broken in February by leaving shindigs and the like and a strict-ish healthy eating plan, to count down the 46 days till I’m beach bound… I don’t really think I’m hugely an unhealthy person most of the time, in fact sometimes a little too healthy for my own good, but every now and then a re-focus on what goes in to your body can’t be a bad thing.

Now for the rattling bit, well I have always thought I was one of those that did not believe in spending a fortune on expensive creams, potions, tablets, vitamins etc. but I took a look at my desk at work and I currently have 5 food supplements on the go. Cod Liver Oil (not the nicest when you burp half an hour later!), Primrose Oil (mums a converted!), Probiotic Acidophilus (there are 3 billion of those bad boy active cultures in each capsule, apparently), Dis-solvable Vitamin C and the occasional Sea Kelp!! When I realised that I get a little bit too over excited in Holland and Barrett; I thought I may have a problem on my hands!!

Now this is understandably a much debated area since alternative medicines began way back when, and being now in a perfect booming consumer market, lots of different opinions and beliefs are out there. Soi havnt gone completely doo-lally…. As long as one manages to eat correctly first and foremost being the best way to be healthy inside and out – get what you need from natural foods before thinking about a supplement form (hover boards and meals in tablet form never actually took off). So I’m going to try and keep my rattling to a minimum, but I’m sure a little bit of extra help every now and then cant be a bad thing!

Without wanting to sounds too reflective, I’m really quite excited about 2011. Yoga Teacher Training in April, some alternative retreats, a different way of living, hopefully a few more fitness/nutritional courses whilst out in Australia, bit more positive thinking and perhaps a new career!! I do think it would be wonderful to whizz round the world learning, experiencing and teaching, but I’m definitely too practical to live a life of constant renewal, upheaval and spontaneity but I plan to give it a bloody good go in 2011.

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