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So work is really getting in the way of yoga at the moment or in fact any kind of fitness related activity, role on 2011, but I’m sure then it will be something else that will get in the way, that’s just modern day living!!

A picture of the band Fur taken by Justin Avery

Fur 2010

So I have been to a couple of great gigs  in the last couple of weeks and this seems a good a place than any to tell you guys about them. This could be the contributing factor as to why I haven’t been spending as much time in the yoga studio, London as much as I moan about it, it has so many wonderful distractions!!

A couple of friends and equally awesome guys had their first gig at an awesome venue, The Luminaire in Kilburn, the band Fur. They were awesome and it seems there is much much more to come, I think next time I may try and stand a little further back from the speakers, just to absorb the entirety of their sound, (with much thanks to my man’s photo taking obsession!) we were as close as this photo indicates!

London really does provide a great platform for such a variety of styles of music to be played and to be listened too, sometimes you just forget that you could definitely spend every night of the week, bombing around listening to bands new and old. I loved the lead singers glitter guitar, yep I’m a girl and like anyone with a passionate, obsessive, addictive personality I left wishing I had a music talent!! 

A picture of Hannah Peel from her album 'The Broken Wave'

Hannah Peel from her album 'The Broken Wave'

Tuesday night it was XOYO’s near Old Street for Caitlin Rose and Peter Wolf Crier, I had not heard of either of them. The venue was a great underground, hide-out grotto of London City and first on  was a great girl Hannah Peel and her musical accompaniment Laura Groves, my kind of music, gorgeous folk, with quite an Irish sound, a pretty music box, strings and piano. Grabbed the album and now just need a sunny day, with a picnic to relish in it!! Caitlin Rose was great too and had a wicked American sense of humour on stage, all in all a fab evening and made me realise how inspiring and wonderful live music really is. I miss the Glastonbury summer of 2010… Roll on 2011 sun and more music!!

Actually to even remotely link this post to yoga (not that I’m forcing myself or anything) quite a few classes I have been to recently have used a musical accompaniment to flow through practise. It is probably a much debated subject within the yoga world, especially as music is such a personal thing! I think silence for practise is calm and allows you to relax and focus inward but alternatively music can create this same atmosphere and can help with the pace of a class or to shut out London or gym noises (oh to live in the peace of the country or by the ocean!). I’m thinking I need to do some more research around the area but perhaps Hannah Peel’s new album ‘The Broken Wave’ would be a perfect, fresh sound to practise with.

So as my week of poor yoga practise draws to a close, I have pre-set my alarm to get up at 6.25am tomorrow morning to go to a class (will let ya know if I stay true to my word!) it will be chilly but what better way to end a week and start a weekend!!

Have a good one



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