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December 2010 has been a month of too much fun and not enough yoga for my liking!

So December is totally playing havoc with more than just the bank balance, calorie intake, alcohol intake… need Igo on, don’t even get me started on my yoga practise or succinct lack of it!!!

Its not even Christmas yet, but the snow is officially here and I cant help but thinking that I live in the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, yes all your blogger’s right now I’m feeling like it really could happen!! Just be sure that when you are running from the cold snap, that is creeping up on you, that you don’t look back (thank you oh wise boyfriend!) London is at stand still and I’m just glad I don’t have far to go home for Christmas!!

So I have managed to keep up cycling and running at the gym to keep me warm and hopefully fit (ish) and can only but hope that I come out the other side of Crimbo with some va va voom and my mo jo back! At the moment all I want for Christmas is SLEEP!

All in all December has been swell, but the craving for a yoga studio is nagging..I’m one step closer, notice handed in at work today, so this surely all has to sink in at some point, flights booked and less than 2 months to go! Got a month of yoga swinging planned for January 2011, call it a News Years Resolution if you will. Gotta and gonna check out Yoga Haven, Clapham finally and hopefully with a few more weekends free, swing my way round London’s yoga before I fly off into the warmth.

A new Years Resolution I do need to work on is home practise. I’m currently not that great at it, always having too many distractions at home or merely just being too bloody knackered when I get there. I will be honest I’m not a HUGE fan of early rises, before the sun, so the chances of me getting off my butt at 6am on a cold winters morning are looking slim. I do prefer to be in a studio with set allocated time for workout/gym or yoga, just so I can wholly focus myself and not get distracted… Maybe this can be a new pact with myself when I get to Bali in February and continued in Darwin in March, 30 minutes every morning, is easily achievable and something I think I preach to others about, so do as you say and all that!

So with Christmas nearly upon us, keep drinking water, it will get you through and enjoy every minute…

I’m going to have a bit more of a mull, not mulled (I will save that for the wine) over some goals and areas to work on in 2011.

Merry Christmas and Namaste

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