Postnatal Yoga

*I’m not currently teaching a mums n bubs or specific postnatal yoga class*

The morning sickness, achy lower back, and fatigue of pregnancy have passed. But for mamas, a whole other different set of physical conditions and new emotions often accompany the bliss of loving your new little creation.

Many women when pregnant attend a prenatal yoga class: to keep toned, to stay flexible, to prepare their bodies for labour and birth, and also to meet other mums in their area. But once the baby is born it can be easy to lose the connection with other new mums, and feel disheartened about the physical and emotional effects childbirth can have on your body.

Postnatal yoga uses movement, balance and relaxation to allow your body to recover from pregnancy and birth. It helps to heal the body and mind, and repair all the tissues back to their former glory. It is designed for mums with their babies and so incorporates the little ones into the practice, either using yoga asanas to keep the babies entertained, or holding the babies as part of the yoga itself.

The class is designed to nurture new mums and provide a safe environment for them to heal and repair their bodies, to talk about their experiences of birth and as a mum, and safely allow them to reconnect with their bodies.

It may be an old cliché but if you have a happy mummy, you have a happy baby.

The Physical Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

  • Complete exercise for the whole body
  • Movement that promotes stamina and strength
  • Realignment of the spine
  • Toning the deep abdominal muscles to ‘close the body’ after birth
  • Helps knits back together separated abdominal muscles
  • Relieves stiffness in the shoulders
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Strengthens abdominal and back muscles for core strength
  • Expands breathing
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves blood flow
  • Detoxification and movement of fluids
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Stimulate cell growth and repair
  • Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints

The Emotional Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

  • Exploring your body after pregnancy and birth
  • Nurturing yourself
  • Renewing energy
  • Quietening the mind
  • Relaxation
  • Relieves and avoids postnatal depression
  • Connects breathing with emotions
  • Aids bonding between mother and baby
  • Positivity
  • Interaction with other mums
  • Bonding with baby
  • Healing emotionally after a difficult pregnancy or birth

You should always check with your GP and yoga teacher about when it is appropriate to start attending a postnatal yoga class, it is normally best to wait until you have had your 6 week check up.

Take a look at my classes page for my current timetable of yoga classes I teach.